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Making tea is really easy. You only need to remember the brewing time. Sometimes, you also have to make sure that the temperature of the water is right. Normally, however, you can't do much wrong. But even those who consume a lot of tea and have plenty experience making tea have often noticed: “It’s easy to get distracted.”

This happened again recently: I had planned on writing a letter in peace and wanted to enjoy some good Oolong tea from my friend in Taiwan. After brewing it, I thought I’d kill some time and quickly skimmed through my mails. You know what happens...the tea is forgotten and about 10 minutes later, the good Oolong tea is poured down the drain. I let it brew too long...Of course, I let the miser in me win and drank the tea anyway but I was not really happy with the result. But there is something that can help you make good tea. A tea filter made of glass, which is to be placed on a teapot. Tea TaC

has a timer that can be set, and the tea is filtered into the pot below after the brewing time is complete. All by itself. Just brew the tea, set the brewing time and come back after a while. It’s perfect! Since I had no more Oolong tea, I used some Assam tea. The Tea TaC gives it such a beautiful colour. But see for yourself:

TeaTaC Tee-Filter mit Ziehzeitautomatik / Timer

The filter is made of glass and placed on a glass pot here. There is a lid and the filter is pressed into the glass top and screwed to the bottom. Together, it is put into the timer.

Simply fill the desired quantity of tea.

Fill with hot water at the ideal temperature for the tea.

TeaTaC Tee-Filter mit Ziehzeitautomatik / Timer

The brewing time can be set in minutes from 1-30 minutes. You can watch the fantastic sight that develops before you. The tea unfurls and the colour changes. The tea leaves settle down and you can hardly wait until the time is finally up.

TeaTaC Tee-Filter mit Ziehzeitautomatik / Timer

Finally, it’s done. The tea has flowed into the lower container and you can see the wonderful colour. The filter has silicone on the underside, so you can use it on many receptacles that are straight at the top.

TeaTaC Tee-Filter mit Ziehzeitautomatik / Timer

This is my favourite picture. You can clearly see how the tea leaves have unfolded.

TeaTaC Tee-Filter mit Ziehzeitautomatik / Timer

A very clear tea without particles, served in a double-walled porcelain cup.

TeaTaC Tee-Filter mit Ziehzeitautomatik / Timer

You may be wondering why I don’t have a photo of the moment when the tea goes through. Good question: the doorbell rang. It was the postman. It’s a good thing that I now have the Tea Tac, otherwise I would have messed up the tea again.



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