Making coffee with X-Tract Brew

Less is more! Less paper, machinery, consumables but a better, freshly brewed coffee at a lower cost. The Arca X-Tract-Brew filter keeps the ground beans separated from the water. The method is simple - place the filter in the pot, put the ground coffee into the filter, pour over hot water and wait a few minutes - that ́s it! Enjoy.

How to make a perfect cup of coffee with ARCA X-Tract-Brew?

  1. You can use any coffee grind for the ARCA. It doesn't matter whether you buy your coffee ground in the shops or have it ground at the roaster. Different grinds have a big impact on the taste. We use medium-fine ground coffee and prefer dark roasts. But that is entirely up to you and your taste.
  2. We add one heaped spoonful per cup, which is approx. 5-6g of ground coffee per spoonful into the filter. This is our recommendation as a start; try it out with more and less. Depending on how strong you want the coffee.
  3. When the water boils, wait about ½ minute before brewing the coffee. Then don't pour it too gently, it may bubble a bit, you may have to wait a short moment, stir a little and then continue pouring.
  4. A kind of "crust" forms, this should be broken up by stirring and the whole thing mixed well.
  5. You can let the coffee rest a little longer. When the temperature drops, the brewing process is finished after about 4 minutes. The filter remains in the pot, the coffee does not become bitter or too strong. Be careful, it is still very hot.
  6. The filter in the jug stores the heat and keeps the coffee warm from the inside.

Anyone can make a fantastic cup of coffee!

Please follow the link to find the great coffee brewers in our shop. 

Download user manual: PDF (You’ll have a printed version in every ARCA)

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