Making coldbrew in Arca X-Tract Brew

Some professionals have pointed out to us that you can make excellent cold brew coffee in the ARCA. Simply add cold water to the coffee powder and leave to infuse overnight in the refrigerator. The next morning you have a perfect cold brew that also stores well.

A coffee preparation for many different creative ideas! In summers or winters at any time of the day or night. Cold Brew can be everything, from fresh to uplifting. 

In Japan, Cold Brew has been a traditional way of preparing coffee for centuries. On the one hand, it is refreshing and is also becoming more and more of a coffee long drink here in summer, above that it is also practical. You don't need a heating source for your water. In the ARCA, you can prepare a wonderful cold brew with cold water from the stream, even when travelling. You only have to "prepare" the coffee in the evening to be able to drink it after about 12 - 16 hours. The coffee keeps really well. Lars from Carabica writes 10 days in his recipe, others even recommend two weeks...We like fresh coffee, especially because it is so easy to make good cold brew with the ARCA 

As a rule, a good cold brew can be made with any coffee or espresso. It is often recommended, as in our recipe from Lars, to use a coarse grind. You should also check this statement with your favourite coffee. It may well be that your taste advises you otherwise... 

Whether hot coffee or cold brew. ARCA invites you to experiment! Write to me if you have found a particularly great idea or tag us in our social media channels:  

Facebook / Instagram (@carlhenkel.brewers). 

Or by e-mail: [email protected] (Jürgen) 

Recipe for Cold Brew Coffee  

Lars from Carabica (link) in Hinterzarten in the German Black Forest has developed the following recipe for us: 

Cold Brew Preparation Step 1 

Fill 42g of coarsely ground coffee into the clean ARCA.  

As we do not make concentrate, we need far less coffee grounds than are usually used.  

Cold Brew preparation step 2 

Pour 560ml of water and stir.  

Give the water time to pass through the fine ARCA sieve while pouring and then stir well to make sure no dry spots remain.  

Cold Brew Preparation Step 3 

Put it in the fridge. The easiest step in this preparation: put it in the fridge for 16 hours. Then stir briefly, pour, add ice cubes and enjoy.  

Your fresh Cold Brew will keep for a good 10 days if refrigerated.  


Variations on Cold Brew or Cold Brew Cocktails 

Make a Cold Brew concentrate 

You can use 75g of ground coffee for a Cold Brew concentrate. You can also try a longer extraction time (up to 24 hours) or a finer grind. 

Milk cubes instead of ice in your coffee 

If you just don't like your coffee black, you can make milk cubes. Just like ice cubes, you can use oat milk or other milk alternatives instead of water. 

Cold Brew with Ginger Ale 

Mix equal parts Cold Brew and Ginger Ale. Add a little apple juice and a few ice cubes. A summer treat is as simple as that!  

Cold Brew Tonic  

In this order: orange peel, ice, equal parts Cold Brew (concentrate) and tonic water or sparkling water. Done. If you like you can add coconut milk, vanilla or sweet syrup.  

Lars uses: KARUMANDI . KENYA . 100% ARABICA.  Its flavours are dark berries, vanilla, intense fruity notes of citrus and fine light chocolate. The coffee is freshly roasted by him and can be bought at Carabica. 

We are convinced that there are still many great coffee recipes that we would like to try out together with coffee lovers in the future. Once you start trying out different additives, grinds and coffees, you will realise how versatile this simple coffee preparation with the ARCA is.  

You are looking for an easy and beautiful Cold Brew maker? Follow the link.  

Download of Lars original cold brew recipe (but in German): PDF

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