What’s new with Arca X-Tract Brew?

First of all, besides the simplicity, it is the variety of different coffee specialities that you can prepare at home, at a picnic, in the office or in a small café: From a fruity cold brewed coffee on a hot summer’s day to a strong, dark after-dinner brew, made to please you and your guests. It all depends on how you love your coffee at that time of day. Maybe you enjoy coffee by adding flavour shots to your hot cup or some gin to your cold brew – it’s up to you, let your imagination run free.

Digestible coffee prepared in an environmentally friendly way using a simple method...
Coffee from the ARCA X-Tract-Brew stands out:

- Smooth & digestible coffee 

The coffee is brewed very gently, the water seeps slowly through the coffee powder, thus significantly less bitter substances and acids are washed out of the beans than in a brewing process that takes place with presses or under high pressure. The gentle brewing method preserves the coffee aroma. Of course, the coffee beans you choose and the roasting process are very important when it comes to wholesomeness, so it's worth asking your trusted coffee roaster for advice. 

- Unadulterated coffee enjoyment - delicious!  

The preparation method is similar to cupping, which is the professional method of testing and evaluating the quality at a coffee tasting.  The coffee is not bitter due to over-filtering or watery due to under-extraction. Filter bags are not used so as not to distract from the coffee's own flavour. This preserves the natural, full-bodied coffee aroma. 

- Environmentally friendly coffee preparation - Zero-Waste Coffee 

No consumables are used when making coffee with the ARCA. The long-lasting product comes without paper filters, plastic components or capsules and will provide years of delicious coffee every day without harming the environment. No unnecessary packaging and transport. Make coffee without producing waste. You can dispose of the coffee grounds in the compost, use them as fertiliser for your flowers or protect your lettuce from slugs.  

- Practical & easy to use. Coffee at home and on the go. 

Making coffee with the Arca is really straightforward, so you can use it not only at home, but also in the office, camping, at a picnic in the park or at your holiday home. All you need is coffee and hot water. 

- Easy to clean & durable quality. Spare parts available. 

There are only three parts to clean, the borosilicate glass jug, the porcelain lid with the silicone ring and the stainless steel strainer. It is enough to put the parts in the dishwasher from time to time for a thorough cleaning and otherwise simply rinse them under running water. 

- Inexpensive coffee preparation for a long time. No additional costs.  

Buying an ARCA is great value for money. The one-off purchase cost of the coffee pot is all, there are no further consumables, no service intervals. If the porcelain lid should ever break, we offer a replacement. Filters and pots are also available separately.  

- Attractive design for a long coffee romance 

The design of the Arca is very timeless and practical, but not boring. It suits every interior style and you simply want to keep your Arca coffee pot for a lifetime. 

You don't need paper filters that filter out some of the natural oils that provide the taste. No forced pressing that squeezes out the bitterness of the coffee grounds. None of the complex and expensive coffee machine surroundings at the centre stage of the kitchen.  

Change your coffee habit. You won't regret it. The link will take you to the overview of coffee makers.

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