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The smell of freshly ground coffee beans is more than a necessary morning routine for you? You want to escape the coffee capsule mania, or you have already asked yourself why we need such a technical fuss for such a simple but wonderful drink like our coffee?

Why all the ecologically absurd effort? The best things in life are often simple, and so is a good cup of coffee. Why not make coffee the way it used to be, because what has really changed? The coffee only needs a good raw product in the right grind, fresh boiling water (92°-95° for hand brewing) and about 3 - 4 minutes time for the flavors to develop.



X-TRACT-BREW® is a simple method to brew a good coffee fresh without the use of filter paper. Brewing the coffee is done without "pressure" unlike French Press or Espresso. The coffee is fully immersed in the water, similar to tea brewing or professional coffee-cupping. Brewing coffee or filter coffee according to this Slow Brew Coffee process guarantees a gentle, stomach-friendly, and unforgettable coffee experience. With our X-Tract Brew method you prepare the coffee directly in the elegant glass or porcelain pot.

Experimenting will bring you to the perfect coffee. Of course, we give you recommendations how much coffee powder you need and how the grind should be, but we strongly advise you to try different roasts, quantities, and grinds with this coffee brewing method. It's fascinating, we don't know of any other method of making coffee that gives you such a variety of results. Whether it's a finely ground espresso from the supermarket or coarsely ground specialty coffees, you can always get a good coffee with the X-Tract Brew Filters.

One question is asked more often: yes, we recommend leaving the filter in the pot, and also stirring the coffee with a spoon after brewing.

We have repeatedly conducted tests with coffee specialists, all were delighted with the perfect coffee taste. The coffee makers are space-saving and look great in the open kitchen, it would be too bad to hide them in the cupboard.

Zero Waste Coffee: Our coffee makers eliminate plastic and the use of paper filters. Also, the coffee does not come into contact with aluminum, the permanent filters are made of high-quality stainless steel and can be cleaned for life in the dishwasher or by hand.


Not only in summer, COLD BREW COFFEE is a great variation as a refreshment or also the basis for some cool drinks..... It's easy with the X-TRACT-BREW method. Simply pour on the coffee cold and let it steep overnight in the refrigerator. The next day you have an excellent COLD BREW COFFEE without the further purchase of an additional device, moreover, these are usually made of plastic.

Our Cold Brew recipe: for 750ml we use 65g of medium fine ground coffee. Put the coffee in the filter and pour cold water. Now just let it steep overnight in the fridge for about 10 hours. The Coldbrew will keep for about 10 days. We especially like it served with a little splash of tonic water.


Of course, you can use our coffee makers just as well for making tea. Since the X-Tract Brew Filter is a bit too narrow-meshed, we have designed our own tea filter. It is not equipped with an additional fine sieve and has the imprint TEA, compared to the coffee filter with the imprint COFFEE. This way, no one will confuse the two filters, because it will affect the taste if you use one filter for both drinks.

How should you brew open tea? Generally, this varies somewhat depending on the type of tea. Also, different cultures have different preferences when it comes to drinking tea. Fruit tea, herbal tea, medicinal herbal tea, and even most children's teas are not problematic. These teas can be left in the pot. With green tea or black tea, you must know a little bit and find out your preferences regarding the infusion time of the respective tea variety. In Asia, people use small teapots for green tea and steep the tea relatively briefly, a few minutes, and divide the entire contents of the teapot among the cups.

For iced tea, you can brew a tea concentrate and infuse it with ice.

For infusions like detox tea or if you want to treat diseases with tea, there are special tea recipes. Mostly, for medicinal herbal teas, the tea is also left in the pot.

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