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Great Coffee

Great coffee! We asked coffee roasters about their preferred coffee for the ARCA X-TRACT-BREW
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Great Coffee

We travel the coffee community in the world and can tell you, that it is amazing what you might experience. Visiting the coffee nerds at their places if it is roasting facilities, coffee bars, offices, warehouses and the like, you’ll find one thing very common to all the international coffee places: it’s the total focus on quality of a single product in all it’s variations.

Coffee has so many nuances and it takes so many steps between the green bean or even the soil and the cup in the end. Small alterations that make big differences you would taste in the final taste of the coffee. I would like to say, passion makes the difference, but it takes more. It’s passion, talent and craft deciding about the best result. Above that it’s huge logistics and heave investments involved for getting a decent cup of coffee.

Great coffee is worth a higher price. Don’t drink cheap coffee. If it’s cheap and the quality not to bad, you should know, that the price goes to the expense of someone in the value chain – mostly it’s not the grocer or importer. This would lead to another sad story about the exploitation of the farmers in the coffee producing countries.

What do we mean by great coffee? The answer is difficult and we have to admit, that our taste buds are different to many roasters. Yes, we sometimes can’t even drink what they are proud of, but this doesn’t mean, that the coffee is not great. In the opposite, we are not as trained as they are in order to feel the originalities and flavours the roasters are seeking for. You would discover on a trip to the Scandinavian countries, where people in the coffee community prefer light and fruity coffee. We are preferring the Italian dark roasts, which might come from our backgrounds, but for the Scandis we are the “charcoal drinkers”…But that doesn’t have any relevance for the common point in using the ARCA X-TRACT-BREW for either fruity or dark variations of great coffees and celebrate international friend ships within the coffee community.

The German capital Berlin has been the starting point for Speciality Coffee in Germany. In the meantime it’s spread to all other big cities, but as well to smaller places. But if you travel to Berlin one day, why not use a map of coffee places to stroll the city. We did that and it has been a fantastic tour through many different neighbourhoods and we enjoyed it a lot.

Find a map COFFEE PLACES IN BERLIN following the link: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1M8xZYWoRQfN17J_1klxBPkgP-T8&ll=52.52740710000001%2C13.398182600000155&z=13

What we like is the wide range of coffees and keep trying and testing. Sometimes it’s a challenge for the taste buds and we love to return to our standard coffee, but it’s a lovely and exciting coffee journey.

That’s why we would like to offer different kinds of coffee for the usage in X-TRACT-BREW. The system is simple and it works almost like “coffee cupping” and is similar for conservatively roasted coffees or on the other side of the scale the speciality coffees. It might be, that we have some semi-specialities but modern coffees in our assortment.

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