CONRAN Arrosoir TEA Teapot
CONRAN Arrosoir TEA Teapot
CONRAN Arrosoir TEA Teapot
CONRAN Arrosoir TEA Teapot
CONRAN Arrosoir TEA Teapot
CONRAN Arrosoir TEA Teapot
CONRAN Arrosoir TEA Teapot
CONRAN Arrosoir TEA Teapot
CONRAN Arrosoir TEA Teapot
  • CONRAN Arrosoir TEA Teapot

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Very British - CONRAN Teapot - Porcelain teapot by Sebastian Conran with a removable large stainless steel filter. Suitable for all loose teas and tea bags.

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The teapot by the star designer - a head turner for your table!


British star designer Sebastian Conran designed a teapot in his characteristic way. The distinctive handle of the larger 1.2l teapot makes it easier to pour tea. If you’re standing, you can comfortably place your hand on the top of the handle. You can easily carry the pot even when full as well as pour tea in it naturally. If the angle changes, for example if you are sitting at the table and want to pour to someone at the other side of the table, it is more practical to lift the pot from the back of the handle. Sebastian Conran’s idea was to develop a teapot whose design is adapted to our everyday habits, namely that we often drink tea on the sofa in the living room and place the teapot on a low sofa table. With the usual larger teapots, it is often difficult to balance the weight of the full teapot. Since nobody stands up or calls the butler to pour the teapot anymore, Sebastian came up with this little trick with the well-designed handle. Very nice, thank you Sebastian!

Conran Tea 

The porcelain lid with silicone ring was also a clever touch. The lid is lined with a narrow silicone ring for the filter to hold on to when it is lifted out. Very practical if you want to take the tea out of the porcelain pot after the brewing time. The lid can then be placed on the pot without a filter. For herbal tea, fruit tea or the like, leave the filter in the pot. The lid then remains attached to the filter and does not fall out when pouring. This is a practice followed by the English as well as other tea cultures such as China or Russia. The filter with the tea leaves remains in the teapot and is re-brewed from time to time. The British let the tea continue to brew in the pot and keep adding hot water at more frequent intervals.

Conran Tea

The CONRAN teapot with a filter is ideal for all sorts of loose leaf teas. The porcelain teapot can also be used without the filter for teabags, and can be kept warm on a tea warmer.


When making tea the English way, the question always arises whether the milk comes into the cup before the tea or afterwards. This is a matter of taste and depends from person to person — we prefer our tea black...

Conran Tea

Material: White porcelain pot and lid, brushed stainless steel handle, stainless steel filter.


Dimensions and capacity:
Small teapot: Ø 12 cm, height with lid 18.5 cm, capacity 0.75 litres, weight 800g
Large teapot: Ø 16 cm, height with lid 18.5 cm, capacity 1.2 litres, weight 1200g


Design: Sebastian Conran

Instructions for care: All parts are dishwasher safe.


Scope of delivery: Teapot with lid and stainless steel filter. No accessories included.

Lieferumfang: Kanne mit Deckel und Edelstahlsieb. Es wird keine Deko mitgeliefert.

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