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Individual answers for interested parties, traders, customers, coffee roasters and anyone who would like advice.

"The customer is king":

What sounds so old-fashioned today was the credo of the specialised trade and the hospitality sector not so long ago. Today, life is digital and we have to learn to deal with the new media in a much more relaxed, less formal and unabashed way without missing the humanity in everyday life. It would be great to take some of the old values with us into the digital future. Like good counselling, for example:

We feel like little kings when we are able to help someone or make new acquaintances, also through the written word. So it is traders with whom we have become friends today, coffee roasters whose products we love or the now again happy coffee drinker who can enjoy her favourite drink because the coffee is well digestible. There are many such stories that enrich our lives. Even if the correspondence is electronic, the messages can come from the heart. The "community" gives us a lot of input and we learn from every piece of information we receive. Therefore, thank you for your message.

As we have somewhat unconventional working hours and are on the road quite often, we don't always reply immediately but usually within 24 hours. Please write to me: [email protected]

Of course there is also a link: contact form

There are questions we get asked frequently. We have summarised the answers under the following link: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

You have a café, hotel or are a trader, coffee roaster or have a business idea for our products?

Some of the best coffee roasters regularly use our ARCA X-Tract Brew for private and business purposes. That makes us proud. We are also working on convincing even more cafés, guesthouses and hotels to use our products. Concept stores with a good mix of fashion, furniture, lifestyle or design shops with a love of functional design are predestined to work with our Carl Henkel Brewers and madetostay brands (www.madetostay.com). We are happy to advise classic specialist retailers of kitchen products with serious coffee ranges online and offline.

You would like to trade in our products?

Thank you for sending an e-mail to Jürgen [email protected]

Are you looking for personalised gifts for the best employees in the world, your customers or others?

We are happy to help. It's always a balance of reliable partners, clear rules and certainly some quantities so that everything stays within the price range. We have the possibility to work on the packaging or to apply imprints. Every gift is individual and we should talk about it. I will also be happy to call you back: Thank you for your e-mail to Jürgen [email protected]

Best regards

Jürgen Henkel