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Outdoor Coffee: X-Tract for Camping, Picnicking, Travelling

Making coffee with the Arca is really uncomplicated, not only at home. Just take it with you...camping, for a picnic in the park or for the perfect coffee in your holiday home. All you need is coffee and hot water.

Coffee in the great outdoors. So nice - you don't even need paper. 

Making coffee on the go? Whether you're having a little picnic, travelling in a camper van or looking forward to a little flat on holiday, you don't want (and can't ☺) do without your Arca coffee. We love to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee at the lake in summer after swimming or just spontaneously. We make it easy for ourselves: already at home, we pour the freshly ground coffee into the ARCA's sieve and the hot water into an insulated jug. Pack your favourite cups - we really like the double-walled cups to keep the coffee warm - and just put them in the bag. The ARCA is very sturdy. Most of the time we just wrap it in a towel. Nothing has ever broken. 

If you follow us on Facebook / Instagram, you may have seen my posts showing me taking a break with my dog and coffee. I do the same thing when I'm hiking: put the coffee in the pot at home, prepare hot water in a stainless steel to-go mug and pack a nice cup in my backpack to be the coffee king in nature on the way. Wonderful! 

Cleaning the ARCA is just as easy. Simply empty out the coffee grounds. Rinse the jug with a little residual water and wrap it in the towel again. At some point, the filter will need cleaning with hot water and a little washing-up liquid. This is how easy it is to make coffee on the go, and it's also environmentally friendly. No paper, no plastic and permanently beautiful. 

And then there is the story of the young couple who are touring the world in love with the ARCA in their camper van... They do without many things but not without good coffee. Later in the blog when they are back... 

Our mission not only for life at home: Good coffee is easy & GREEN! With a simple method, hot water and fair trade coffee, everyone can make a daily contribution to reducing their carbon footprint. Original taste, diverse flavours, but closely connected with a sense of responsibility for every single cup of coffee. You can live this idea on the go. Coffee preparation is ideal for people who like to be in nature - not just for adventurers! 

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