OSKAR TEA SoftBrew -  tea maker with stainless steel filter
OSKAR TEA SoftBrew -  tea maker with stainless steel filter
OSKAR TEA SoftBrew -  tea maker with stainless steel filter
OSKAR TEA SoftBrew -  tea maker with stainless steel filter
OSKAR TEA SoftBrew -  tea maker with stainless steel filter
  • OSKAR TEA SoftBrew - tea maker with stainless steel filter

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Brew and serve the tea directly in the pot. Slow tea! Perfect hand-brewed tea. Without plastic or contact with aluminium. Suitable for all loose leaf teas.

DELIVERY 1-3 workdays



  • C. Huebner

    Kundenservice war sehr zuvorkommend, hat meine Fragen direkt beantwortet und die Anfrage sofort in die Wege geleitet. Selten soviel Einsatz erlebt.

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Slow tea! Perfect tea without plastic!


Brew and serve the tea directly in the pot. Slow TeaPerfect tea brewed by hand.Completely without plastic or contact with aluminium. The very fine stainless steel filter with extremely small holes is not made in the same way as a conventional filter, but has been cut by laser. The Sowden filter is therefore extremely light but tough. All parts can be put in the dishwasher.


The design of George Sowden is intentionally very simple. The star designer wanted the teapot to look “natural”. According to him, one must intuitively recognise whether it is a tea pot or a coffee pot. This guarantees sustainability, as you don’t get tired of the look over the years because of fashion gimmicks on the product. On the contrary, you will become more and more fond of the pot over the years. If you already own the Sowden Oskar SoftBrew Coffee, you will be able to make eco-friendly tea and coffee for many years to come. We have deliberately taken other models of the Sowden pots such as the Sowden Jakob and the Sowden James out of our product range, although we always liked the bright colours. We do not want any plastic lids in our product range, and the models with wooden lids proved to be somewhat impractical.

George Sowden had the name SoftBrew® patented for his coffee and tea line. The big secret is not only the number of holes in the filter but above all, the shape of the holes. So you can filter tea and coffee with the same SoftBrew. The two filters have different patterns so you don’t get confused between them.


As with all our tea and coffee pots, no plastic is used here either. The Sowden Oskar tea maker consists only of hard quality porcelain and the special stainless steel filter. It is so easy to make sustainable and inexpensive tea. You only need to change your method of making tea slightly. You need a good quality of tea, clean water and a good teapot with permanent filter to make a good cup of tea. Very traditional

Material: White porcelain pot and lid, stainless steel filter.


Dimensions und capacity:

OSKAR TEA 1.0 litres:Ø 15.5 cm, height with lid 12 cm, capacity 1.0 litre, total weight 1,050g


Design: George Sowden

Instructions for care: All parts are dishwasher safe.


Scope of delivery: Teapot with lid and stainless steel filter

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