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Delivery information

Delivery information


From our warehouse in Braunschweig, Germany we deliver to all European countries and worldwide if possible.

Packing stations:

In the case you use a packing station instead of your home address, please make sure, that the size of your box is big enough.

Average delivery times / Tracking:

Within Germany we almost reach the goal of the next days delivery. For shipments in the EU we count for a delivery within four working days and shipments outside of the EU might take until 2-3 weeks from the receipt of the shipment notification.

How ever, we can’t influence the delivery time or the drop of at your requested place at a certain time. We refuse taking the liability if you have your parcel delivered to the neighbours or other places. After the order left our warehouse you’ll receive a delivery note from our logistics partner DHL. This shipment notification includes a tracking code, which could be used to track your delivery via the link given in the e-mail.


Please refer to the section Shipping costs for inquiries regarding the delivery terms to your country.