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Sowden Oskar SoftBrew - Coffeebrewer with stainless steel filter

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Porcelain coffee pot with patented special filter. Brew and serve the coffee directly in the pot. Slow Coffee! Perfect coffee scalded by hand. Also suitable for COLD BREW.
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Sowden Oskar SoftBrew - Coffeebrewer with stainless steel filter

No technology, no waste - just soft brew coffee


This original product by George Sowden is the Oskar SoftBrew in white porcelain with a porcelain lid. No filter paper is needed. The OSKAR coffee pot with a filter insert allows you to enjoy real coffee with a simple but very effective brewing method. The stainless steel reusable filter is in the pot.

Put the coffee powder in the filter and brew the coffee with boiling water — the ideal temperature is between 92° and 95° Celsius. You can stir the coffee while brewing so that the gases can escape more easily. We recommend brewing the coffee for about 3 - 4 minutes and leaving the filter in the pot. The coffee can be served from the pot and does not become bitter! The taste changes only negligibly over time. We believe that it is important to stir, but opinions differ on this.


The stainless steel filter contained in the porcelain pot allows a part of the dissolved solids (not the coffee grounds) of the coffee to pass through, giving it an distinct tasteCoffee enthusiasts love these “fines” because they transport the aromatic substances (fats and oils of the coffee). We recommend using 6 - 8g of coffee per cup and a fine to medium degree of grinding. We encourage you to experiment a bit, because you can get very different results with this brewing system depending on the degree of grinding, quantity and of course, the quality of the coffee bean. Not all people are the same, and in general, one feels different in the morning than in the evening after a good meal. For example, we served a after-dinner coffee in small cups to guests in the medium version of the Oskar SoftBrew pot. The coffee has even won over sceptics, vending machine owners and capsule freaks. We used 14 teaspoons of fresh, relatively finely ground French roast coffee from Starbucks. It was an absolute hit! Just experiment a little.

How do you make the perfect coffee according to the SOFTBREW® COFFEE method?

While looking for a brewing system for iced coffee or cold brew, we discovered our Oskar coffee maker more by chance than anything as a perfect solution. Simply pour cold water over the coffee in the pot instead of hot water and put the cold brew in the refrigerator to brew overnight in the pot with the lid on. 

The filter is made by a very special laser process, which separates the coffee cleanly from the coffee grounds through a multitude of tiny holes. This guarantees you perfect taste without the use of filter paper.


No plastic is used here either. The Sowden Oskar coffee maker consists only of hard quality porcelain and the special filter made of stainless steel. It is so easy to make eco-friendly and inexpensive coffee. Your coffee-making routine need only be changed a tiny bit. You need a good quality of coffee, clean water and the Sowden coffee maker to make a good cup of coffee. Very traditional. Just as tasty and fragrant as grandma used to make it

You don’t have to remove the filter after the brewing time. During the standing time, the bitter substances are further rinsed out only minimally. No more steps are needed, such as pressing the coffee — it’s that easy to enjoy coffee!

Material:White porcelain pot and lid, stainless steel filter.

Dimensions und capacity:
OSKAR Coffee 0.8 litres: Ø 14 cm, height with lid 14 cm, capacity 0.8 litre, total weight 800g
OSKAR Coffee 1.3 litres: Ø 14.5 cm, height with lid 18 cm, capacity 1.3 litre, total weight 1000g

Design: George Sowden

Instructions for care: All parts are dishwasher safe.

Scope of delivery: Teapot with lid and stainless steel filter. A coffee scoop (measure for one cup) made of plastic is also included.

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