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Spare lid SOWDEN OSKAR SoftBrew® Tea- & Coffeepot

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The porcelain lid suits the following products:
SOWDEN OSKAR SoftBrew® Coffee 0.4 Litre, 0.8 Litre, 1.3 Litre, SOWDEN OSKAR TEA 1.0 Litre
Delivery time End of June
Spare lid SOWDEN OSKAR SoftBrew® Tea- & Coffeepot

We have had Oskar coffee pots since 2010 when we started our company and cooperation with George Sowden. In the beginning the lid was a bit higher in the larger sizes and there was also a version of the pot in 1.8L. Together with the designer we decided about 5 years ago to take the 1.8L Oskar coffee pot out of the range due to its weight and to produce only the lighter version of the lid. The offered lid is now suitable for all sizes of the Oskar coffee pot. At the beginning it looks a bit unusual, but you get used to it quickly.

With the teapots there was a model change to a larger filter and therefore larger lid. This lid fits the Sowden Oskar Teapot 1.0L from date of purchase approx. 2015. If you have a different size, please send us an email. We will try to find a suitable lid for your teapot.

The measures of the spare lid for Oskar pots
Inner diameter: 8.0 cm
Outer diameter: 9.5 cm
Height: ca. 3.8 cm

Material: White porcelain, dishwasher safe

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