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Coffee filter with timer

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The glass filter with the timer can be placed on any jug with a straight rim. Put the coffee in the filter, add hot water and set the timer to the desired time. The finished coffee then automatically flows into the lower jug.
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Coffee filter with timer

Aromatic filter coffee for modern (amateur) baristas

The right water temperature, precise brewing time and a lovely spectacle to watch. The innovative brewed coffee filter with timer

The perfect coffee takes time to make. The hot water (92°-95°) dissolves the aromas in the ground coffee. It normally takes 3-4 minutes. With the Coffee TaC you can set the brewing time separately for every batch of coffee that you make. The timer ensures that the coffee automatically runs into the pot below after the preselected time. After the coffee has passed through, the filter can be placed upside down on the filter lid. Therefore, it can also be used for serving at the table.

The good old filter coffee is enjoying a well-deserved comeback among coffee lovers around the globe. The COFFEE TaC transforms this seemingly simple craft into a beautiful spectacle, and that too, without a filter bag. The result: Aromatic filter coffee for modern (amateur) baristas. You can even add syrup, gin or other concentrates to the coffee. To make iced coffee, place the Coffee TaC over a large jug filled with ice. The first coffee filter for experimentation for the coffee freak in you!

How the COFFEE TaC works:

1. Place the COFFEE TaC coffee filter over a suitable jug. The filter should not shake. Many vacuum flasks are also ideal for this.

  1. Add fresh, medium-coarse to coarsely ground coffee to the glass filter. Any type of coffee can be used — it all depends on your taste.
  2. Pour hot water over the coffee. TIP: Do not use boiling water, let it cool down a little. 92°-95° is the ideal temperature for allowing the flavour to develop. The aromas can unfold perfectly.
  3. Set and turn on the desired brewing time in the automatic control. This can vary depending on the type of coffee, but 4 minutes is a good time.
  4. After the brewing time is complete, the magnetically activated ball in the filter opens automatically and the coffee runs into the jug underneath. After 2 minutes of draining, the filter closes and can be put aside on the upside down lid.

A coffee filter for manually brewing special coffees. But coffee does not always have to taste the same. In addition to the varieties of coffee beans from the most varied areas of cultivation or coffee plant species, you can try out a wide variety of combinations on the Coffee TaC brewing filter. Coffee brewed with gin is an idea that could put a smile on some of our readers’ faces. But why not try something new? Come up with new coffee recipes! In Italy, coffee mixed with grappa has the same tradition as coffee with cognac or coffee with brandy in Spain. The Swiss are known for their coffee / schnapps culture. Every restaurant menu and ski hut is sure to have coffee with plum brandy, cherry or other fruit brandies. Amaretto or Baileys could also be a very good addition. For a number of years now, more and more syrups are being added to coffee. Coffee with almond syrup is certainly the most popular of these. So have fun experimenting with the Coffee TaC.

We have the Y-Line carafes and pot to go with theCOFFEE TaC

Material: Filter pot made of borosilicate glass, lid and casing made of plastic (ABS, AS), BPA-free, filter made of silicone and stainless steel, filter ball made of stainless steel. The filter is screwed to the glass pot and the filter on top is pressed into the container from above. The timer can be set to the minute for up to 30 minutes. After confirming the switch for the time, the countdown begins. The last minute is displayed in seconds. After opening, the passage remains open for 2 minutes. When the glass filter is removed from the base unit, the valve closes automatically. 

Dimensions: Diameter approx. 14 cm. Height approx. 16.5 cm. Weight approx. 530g

Capacity: Up to 8 cups  (oder 4 Mugs)

of perfectly brewed coffee (approx. 1 litre)

Design: Fontana Design Works., Rapperswil, Switzerland 

Design award: Good Design Award Chicago 2016

Instructions for care: All the parts of the filter and of the glass container are suitable for the dishwasher. Do not put the base unit in the dishwasher or in water. This will damage the base unit. The base unit can be cleaned with a damp cloth.  

Scope of delivery: The COFFEE TaC is delivered without the partially illustrated carafe and without batteries. Two AAA batteries are required. The batteries should work for about 250-300 brewing processes. You will get an alert soon as the battery becomes too weak.


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