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Coffee & Tea TaC. Never miss the brewing time again.

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This gadget was invented for tea lovers and is appreciated by coffee lovers. A timer is built into the base unit, which allows you to check the brewing time to the minute. The brewing process in the large container is ideal for the development of the arom

Delivery time: 1-3 workdays


About practical tea lovers, creative home druids & coffee junkies.

Swiss designer Georg Fontana from Rapperswil loves tea. Georg was looking for a solution to a well-known problem that many tea drinkers surely know. No matter if you brew a bag or prepare your selected teas in the pot: as soon as you put the tea on the side to brew, you get distracted...The tea is hardly salvageable later on...Boil again? Break over? Flow torn...bad mood.

Georg has developed an infusion method with a built-in timer. We researched this and to our knowledge Victor & Victoria was the first brand to realise such a project. We are all convinced that this idea was so obvious that many tried it. However, the devil is in the details... These technical details have been solved and TaC is possibly one of the sensible tea machines for perfectionists as well as for practically thinking tea lovers. It is semi-automatic; you usually pour the tea with hot water and set the timer. The tea maker stands on a pot and after the preselected time, a magnet opens the mechanism and the tea flows down. The tea leaves, which previously had enough space to unfold, are held back by the filter and remain in the glass body.

What do we have to do with it? It was a product of our early years. We at Carl Henkel were the exclusive distributors of the Victor & Victoria brand in Europe at the time and came to Taiwan to look at this project with the owner, our friend James and Georg...As it had to happen: the idea for tea immediately excited us. As coffee junkies, we naturally wanted to test the Tea TaC right away for our favourite drink.

The coffee, just like the tea, is wonderful when prepared with the TaC and you can get really creative: Coffee, iced tea, iced coffee, mixed!

What you can look forward to at the Coffee & Tea TaC.

A perfect tea.

  • You choose the brewing time for each tea. Up to 30 minutes.
  • You can use all types and varieties of tea. Ok, matcha tea will be difficult.
  • In general, we should not forget the infusions: detox... health, herbs. The home druids among us know what we mean.
  • You choose the water temperature individually and infuse the tea in the TaC.
  • You can put the TaC on a big pot with ice to make an iced tea. Sorry dear tea purists, but this is an awesome drink. Also possible with refinements...
  • Refinements??? Yes, in the north, for example, they know a substance called rum. There used to be no summer there and lemons, so you can get bored. Howdy, howdy up there.
  • In the catering trade, Tea TaC is often used to make an iced tea concentrate. The finished iced tea is served chilled on ice with fruit. For €4.50!!!!

A perfect individual coffee.

  • The brewing time can vary depending on the coffee and is determined by you. Exciting for freaks.
  • The brewing method gives you a uniquely smooth coffee. Full-immersion brewing. What else? No paper or other substances adulterate your coffee...
  • You decide on the water temperature. Try the same coffee at 80°C and 92°C. Let yourself be surprised.
  • You decide the grind. See above Lybs...
  • You stir like in a witch's kitchen. Broom, broom, be it...
  • You invent coffee-based mixed drinks for long nights. Let your spirits play: classics like amaretto, gin and liqueurs can be mixed in during the brewing process. Recognise your talent - on your own responsibility.
  • Iced coffee? Sure. Simply brew the coffee over ice. But that's already been invented...Still delicious and very easy with the TaC


Individual tea and/or coffee preparation 

  • No paper and no additional capsules or similar consumables (waste).
  • We recommend using one filter for coffee and one for tea. Otherwise the other drink will influence the taste.
  • The TaC has silicone strips on the underside. You place it on a suitable jug, which must be straight at the top to ensure a safe stand. We have some glass jugs in our range: Mizu and Potto fit well. But maybe your grandmother's heirloom or a warming pot will also fit. As I said, the support must be straight. The wider the better.
  • What does TaC actually mean? Tea and Coffee.

Yes, we fell in love with it.

With the good tea and the good coffee. Why are we selling out the TaC? In short: TaC doesn't fit in with the Carl Henkel philosophy because of the plastic and there are other plans for the Victor & Victoria brand. Time has simply changed since we decided this in 2014. We don't want to produce plastic again, but we also don't want to flog the products in questionable channels.

We find: The Coffee & Tea TaC is a great product for lovers of coffee and tea - tea or coffee. Nerds. Yes, like us.

What you get when you order the Coffee & Tea TaC. Materials & Dimensions

  • The glass is made of heat-resistant, very stable but light borosilicate glass.
  • The filter is designed for coffee, but is also perfect for tea. The original tea filter was flat. However, this would have been completely unsuitable for coffee. At the bottom of the glass filter is a screw thread in the middle of which is a metal ball under a silicone seal. This ball closes the filter and is pulled to the side by a magnet when it is activated after the brewing time has elapsed. The filter closes by itself after 30 seconds.
  • The base unit is made of black ABS plastic and houses the magnetic mechanism, the timer and a compartment for 2 AAA batteries. Silicone stabilisers are attached to the bottom to prevent slipping on the jug.
  • A black lid is included in the delivery. The TaC can be placed on the inverted lid. Very practical for serving at the table, the bar or the sink.
  • An instruction manual is included in the box and as a download at the bottom of this page.

Dimensions: Diameter approx. 14 cm, height approx. 16.5 cm, weight approx. 530 g

Capacity: For up to 8 cups of your favourite tea (all tea varieties) or perfect brewed coffee (approx. 1 litre).

Design: Fontana Design Works, Rapperswil, Switzerland,

Design award: Good Design Award Chicago 2016

Care instructions: All parts of the filter and the glass container are suitable for the dishwasher. Do not put the base unit in the dishwasher or place it in the water. This will damage the base unit. The base unit can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

Scope of delivery: The COFFEE TaC is supplied without the carafe shown in part and without batteries. 2 AAA batteries are required. The batteries last for about 250-300 brewing processes. As soon as the battery becomes too weak, a signal is given.

Download instruction manual

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