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GOGO Tea. The functional everyday teapot.

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GOGO is a teapot made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a stainless steel filter. The robust laboratory glass is extremely resilient, the lightness astounding. Up to 1l of tea, fruits or herbs can unfold perfectly in the large filter. A durable an
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GOGO Tea. The functional everyday teapot.

Collecting health at the railway embankment.

Throughout the year, the most exciting medicinal plants grow right under our noses and no one really takes notice. With a little knowledge and the GOGO teapot, you can prepare these treasures as a simple tea infusion. Camomile, dandelion and nettle are still familiar, but yarrow and ribwort? Wormwood as a tea is said to help with digestive problems, flatulence and loss of appetite. You can find the knowledge on Google under "native medicinal plants" and order the teapot from us. You will get many suggestions for a healthy life with medicinal herbs from your surroundings. The large filter of the GOGO teapot is ideal for brewing.

Does your neighbour have the best herbs growing right next to his house? Surely you can invite him or her to enjoy an exquisite Japanese green tea from your new GOGO teapot. GOGO can do more than just everyday tea; it masters all types of tea, from children's fruit tea to exquisite tea rarities.

GOGO teapot is functional and pretty to look at. Especially when it is filled with the great colours of your brew. You can remove the filter or leave it in the pot. The lid has a silicone ring and is connected to the filter. This prevents the lid from falling off when the filter is left in the pot.

What you can look forward to with the GOGO teapot.

  • A perfect tea or herbal infusion.
  • You can use all types and varieties of tea.
  • The GOGO teapot is also ideal for infusions of medicinal herbs and fruits. For everything you find under the keywords infusion, detox etc. and either brewed with hot water or slowly extracted with cold water in the refrigerator.
  • The water temperature is determined by you and the tea is brewed in the stainless steel filter.
  • The teapot is easy to clean.
  • You can use the GOGO teapot on a teapot warmer without hesitation. Please make sure to always keep some liquid in the teapot.

What you get when you order the GOGO teapot.

  • The glass is made of heat-resistant, very stable but light borosilicate glass (laboratory glass).
  • The filter is made of high-quality 18/8 stainless steel.
  • The GOGO teapot comes packed in a safe cardboard box without plastic.
  • We have dispensed with an instruction manual. Making tea is as easy as making tea: Open the lid. Put tea leaves into the filter. Brew the tea with hot water...

Dimensions & weight: Ø 14 cm, height with lid 14 cm, capacity 1 litre, total weight 420 g

Design: Victor & Victoria Design Team

Care instructions: All parts of the teapot are dishwasher safe.

Scope of delivery: You will receive the teapot with stainless steel filter and a matching glass lid. The decoration material shown is not included in the scope of delivery.

"From breakfast or brunch to a child's birthday party to five o'clock tea or dinner; the GOGO teapot is indestructible and always ready for use. Just rinse it out and it is quickly available again. No mercy! Always ready for you. You won't regret the purchase."

Jürgen Henkel

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