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MINA. A robust, practical teapot with esprit.

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The MINA teapot is made of durable porcelain and has a large stainless steel filter that can be removed. This is perfect for all loose teas and medicinal herbs and of course you can also use tea bags. Mina has a fresh design with esprit for every day. It’
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MINA. A robust, practical teapot with esprit.

Drink tea with joy. Life is hard enough.

Why do people always look so serious in tea commercials? Yes, even in pictures of tea ceremonies, laughter has no place. Over beer and schnapps, people celebrate and flirt for all they're worth. Is tea really such a serious drink? If we decided to advertise with the MINA teapot, sourpusses wouldn't stand a chance! A happy crowd of children reaching for their cups of fruit tea or a brunch with friends at a long table under trees would be the stage for the MINA teapot. In any case, joy, laughter, music would play an important role. Of course, you can also celebrate a precious Darjeeling or selected Oolong tea alone in front of the fire without a permanent grin. Your favourite tea is always perfectly prepared and served with a wink.

The Mina is available in two sizes: 0.5l and 1l. It can even hold a little more. The large stainless steel strainer and the lid are connected with a thin silicone seal. The lid does not fall into the tea if you leave the filter in. This is true for fruit and herbal teas. If you want to remove the filter, the lid lies loosely on the pot and has to be held in place, as is the case with other teapots.

What you can look forward to with the MINA teapot.

A perfect tea or herbal infusion.

  • You can use all types and varieties of tea.
  • The Mina teapot is also ideal for infusions of medicinal herbs and fruits. For everything you find under the keywords infusion, detox etc. and either brewed with hot water or slowly extracted with cold water in the refrigerator.
  • The water temperature is chosen by you individually and the tea is brewed in the stainless steel filter.
  • You can use the Mina teapot on a teapot warmer without hesitation. Please make sure to always keep some liquid in the pot.
  • The Mina, especially the small 0.5l size, is also perfect for tea service in a hotel, guesthouse or café.
  • The teapot is easy to clean and takes up little space in the dishwasher.
  • The best product is one that will delight you for a lifetime. The Mina teapot is such a product.

What you get when you order the Mina teapot.

  • The Mina consists of three parts: A pot and a lid made of robust white porcelain, plus a tea filter made of stainless steel. The lid is connected to the filter with a silicone seal.
  • The teapot is packed in a sturdy cardboard box, completely without plastic.
  • We have dispensed with an instruction manual. Making tea is as easy as making tea: Open the lid. Put Tea leaves or medicinal herbs into the filter. Brew the tea with hot water...

Dimensions & weight: 

MINA TEA 0.5 litre: Ø 12 cm, height with lid 12 cm, capacity 0.5 litre, total weight 300g.
MINA TEA 1.0 litre: Ø 13 cm, height with lid 10 cm, capacity 1 litre, total weight 530g

Design: Victor & Victoria Design Team

Care instructions: The Mina is perfect for the dishwasher.

Scope of delivery: You will receive the teapot with stainless steel filter and a matching porcelain lid. The decoration material shown is not included in the scope of delivery.

"Breakfast with music, a lovingly laid table with healthy food. Happy people. This is the home we want for our Mina. If you think you can offer Mina a long-lasting happy relationship, we would be happy if you bought her."

Jürgen Henkel


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