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The MINA teapot with a removable stainless steel filter. Perfect tea with probably the friendliest teapot in the world. Suitable for all loose teas and tea bags. A fresh design for everyday use. Practical and easy for making make tea.
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Mina - The “friendly” teapot. Sturdy and one of a kind


MINA is always friendly. The two round recesses in the lid and the funny spout make it look like the porcelain teapot is smiling at you. Or do you think of a little bird when you see it? Inside, MINA has a stainless steel filter that can either be taken out or left in the teapot.


We love the design of the MINA porcelain teapot. Not only does it look beautiful, but it is also very practical. Because it is relatively flat, the teapot takes up little space in the dishwasher or cupboard. At our house, it’s never actually in the cupboard — we use it every day for breakfast. It is them quickly rinsed out with hot water and is ready for to be used again. Unless someone wants to make herbal tea, fruit tea or other flavoured tea in my MINA. Then it has to be washed properly again. All three parts can be put in the dishwasher. You can put the lid with the “eyes” upside down into the machine so that there is no water remaining in it after the washing cycle. The recesses are practical, and the teapot is easy to use for people with big hands too.


The porcelain lid with silicone ring is a clever concept. The lid is lined with a narrow silicone ring for the filter to hold on to when it is lifted out. This is very practical if you want to take the tea out of the porcelain pot after the brewing time. The lid can then be placed on the pot without a filter. For herbal tea, fruit tea or the like, leave the filter in the pot.  The lid then remains attached to the filter and does not fall out when pouring. This is done by the English as well as other tea cultures such as China or Russia for all teas. The filter remains in the teapot with the tea leaves and is re-brewed by adding hot water from time to time.

The MINA tea pot with filter is ideal for loose leaf tea, whether you want to brew rooibos tea, green tea or black tea. MINA can also be used with teabags without a filter and can be kept warm on a tea warmer. The materials are tasteless and odourless. Once it is thoroughly washed, there will not be any residual aromas in the pot.

MINA TEA is a real star among teapots. It appears to be smiling and it always puts you in a good mood — so good that it is preferred in one of the most famous tearooms: The famous smith&hsu tearoom  (link to TripAdvisor) in Taipei.

The design is classic, inconspicuous and perfect for making tea according to Asian traditions.

The MINA TEA teapot is made of quality porcelain with an integrated, very fine stainless steel filter, and is available in two sizes. It is suitable for all types of tea when used with loose leaf tea. If you remove the filter, you can also use teabags. The Mina teapot can also be used on a tea warmer.


Material: Hard porcelain lid and pot with firm edges. The filter is made of stainless steel.

Dimensions und capacity:
MINA TEA 0.5 litres: Ø 12 cm, height with lid 12 cm, capacity 0.5 litres, total weight 300g
MINA TEA 1.0 litres: Ø 13 cm, height with lid 10 cm, capacity 1 litre, total weight 530g


Design:  Victor & Victoria Design Team 

Note: All parts can be put in the dishwasher.

Mina in Spülmaschine

Lieferung OHNE Deko - Du erhälst die Mina mit Deckel und Edelstahlfilter


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