Tea filter with automatic drawing time
Tea filter with automatic drawing time
Tea filter with automatic drawing time
Tea filter with automatic drawing time
Tea filter with automatic drawing time
Tea filter with automatic drawing time
Tea filter with automatic drawing time
Tea filter with automatic drawing time
Tea filter with automatic drawing time
Tea filter with automatic drawing time
  • Tea filter with automatic drawing time

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Glass filter with timer - fits on any pot with a straight rim. Put the tea leaves in the filter, add hot water and set the timer. The perfectly brewed tea then runs automatically into the pot underneath. Suitable for all loose teas.

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TEA TaC - Brew tea automatically to the minute


Tea TaC - the innovative brewing filter with a timer to set brewing time. Ensures the ideal temperature of water, precise brewing time and a pretty sight.


You’re familiar with the problem: You’ve just put the kettle on, the phone rings, and 20 minutes later you realise that the tea has become undrinkable after letting it brew for so long. Thanks to the TEA TaC, you won’t forget your tea again.


The tea filter with timer can be set to the exact brewing time desired. Be it green tea, black tea, detox or rooibos tea, the TEA TaC is ideal for all loose quality teas. You can trust the appliance to monitor the tea on its own while it brews. After the brewing time is complete, the sluices open and the tea runs into the jug underneath. The timer can be set in minutes from 1 to 30 minutes.


The timer ensures that the tea automatically runs into the pot below after the preselected time. After the tea has passed through, the tea filter can be placed on the upside down filter lid. It can be therefore easily served at the table. You can use any material for the pot that is suitable for making hot tea. The silicone protection on the underside of the timer offers a grip on smooth pots. Of course, it would be very nice if you still had classic porcelain teapots at home. The only important thing is that the Tea TaC should not shake on the pot. Your teapot must have a straight rim so that the filter can be safely placed on the teapot.



Make iced tea in minutes


The Tea TaC is perfect for making iced tea. Place the Tea TaC on a large jug pot filled with ice cubes, and prepare a tea concentrate and filter it over the ice. In restaurants and cafes, tea concentrate is also prepared and stocked up, and served with ice cream, lemon and other ingredients (sugar?) as summer tea. To make a tea concentrate, you simply have take a higher amount of good quality tea and brew it for longer.You can use fruit teas and children’s teas here. It looks great when served with fresh seasonal fruit and is so much healthier than the iced teas that come in plastic bottles. Adults and children alike will enjoy it. Less sugar, less plastic!


You can also experiment with the Tea TaC. Of course, there are different syrups or alcoholic beverages that can be prepared (not for children, of course), in the same way as a punch, but with tea. Green tea is also used for baking and cooking. Why not make a cool tea blend in the Tea TaC? We don’t have any tea tips at the moment. But we certainly plan to include it in our blog. Tea drinks for summer and winter makes for an interesting topic. We welcome tips from specialists.


How the TEA TaC works:

  1. Place theTEA TaC on a suitable teapotThe filter should not wobble and should have a fixed position.
  2. Put loose quality tea in the glass filter.
  3. Infuse the tea with water at the optimum temperature for the type of tea in question.
  4. Set and turn on the brewing time on the timer.
  5. After the brewing time is complete, the automatic system opens via a small ball in the filter, and the tea runs into the pot underneath. After 2 minutes of letting the remaining tea trickle out, the filter closes again automatically and can be set down aside on the lid upside down.

Our Y Line collection includes matching jugs, pots and carafes for the TEA TaC.

Material: Pot made of borosilicate glass, lid and casing made of plastic (ABS, AS), BPA-free, filter made of silicone / stainless steel, filter ball made of stainless steel.
The filter is screwed to the glass pot and the filter on top is pressed into the container from above. The timer can be set to the minute for up to 30 minutes. After confirming the switch for the time, the countdown begins. The last minute is displayed in seconds. After opening, the passage remains open for 2 minutes. When the glass filter is removed from the base unit, the valve closes automatically. 

Dimensions: Diameter approx. 14 cm. Height approx. 16.5 cm. Weight approx. 530g

Capacity: Up to 8 cups (or 4 mugs)of perfectly brewed tea (approx. 1 litre)

Design: Fontana Design Works., Rapperswil, Switzerland 

Design award: Good Design Award Chicago 2016 

Instructions for care: All the parts of the filter and of the glass container are suitable for the dishwasher. Do not put the base unit in the dishwasher or in water. This will damage the base unit. The base unit can be cleaned with a damp cloth.  

Scope of delivery: The Tea TaC is delivered without the partially illustrated carafe and without batteries. Two AAA batteries are required. The batteries should work for about 250-300 brewing processes. You will get an alert soon as the battery becomes too weak.


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